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Vision & Mission



PDX Summer School provides instruction from Highly Qualified teachers to ensure that English language learning students from low-income schools maintain and enhance their academic skills and confidence.  We believe education lies at the heart of a healthy society.  We envision a community where every child receives the education they need to be successful.


At PDX Summer School we improve student confidence in and out of the classroom by increasing their success level in academics. By improving reading, writing, and math skills we strive to advance every student toward achieving proficiency in their grade level.


We provide our students with the academic tools they need to achieve grade level proficiency in the fall by individualizing lessons to target their specific needs while directly addressing the Oregon standards. At PDX Summer School we maintain and build on the core language skills each student brings to the program.


Our summer program increases parental and community involvement in their students’ education. At PDX Summer School we actively work to facilitate and improve communication between students and families. 

and FUN TOO!

PDX Summer School creates an environment that celebrates academics as well as extracurricular activities. Our summer program includes classes on gardening, cooking, art and dance as well as a field trip to the Oregon Coast.